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Kilo [key-loh] (verb): In Hawaiian, means to watch, observe, examine, or forecast. It refers to both the act of observing and the knowledge gained from such observations, highlighting the importance of attentiveness and understanding in Hawaiian culture.


Not Your Typical Project Management App

Projects contain many details that need to be tracked and many decisions that need to be made. Kilo allows business owners and workers to focus on the things that matter by removing the complexities of organizing and informing decisions based on data and analytics.




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Project Management
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Improve your project planning and execution workflows. Assign tasks, track milestones, and provide oversight for your project deliverables.


Data Driven Decisions

Utilize metrics to make data informed decisions to optimize your business resources and enhance performance. Improve the efficiency of your operations to determine the perfect pace for your workforce.


Team Activity Insights

Ensuring team members are exactly where they're needed. Empowering teams with autonomy, support, and a transparent environment for optimal project progression and resource allocation.


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